Hot Mess Express Tunic Hoodie

Hot Mess Express Tunic Hoodie


**Preorders taken through April 19, 2019 (midnight). All orders will ship May 1.

**Dark Plum Hoodie (Tunic length) with white ink (model is wearing a different color, but shows fit/length)

If you know my friend, Nicole, you’ve probably heard her joke that she lives on the “Hot Mess Express.” She laughs often about the craziness of life, and she helps everyone around her do the same.

I’ve come to love this little expression of hers, in part because I’m right there with her. The beauty of the Hot Mess Express is that there’s room for everyone on that train. Nicole demonstrates that beauty grows right out of the mess, and that’s what inspired this design.

In honor of Nicole’s birthday this month, we’re taking orders and printing a limited number of these tunic length hoodies. Would you like to join us on the Hot Mess Express?

— Danielle Tripp

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